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Low to high dependency inpatient care, 24/7

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

Level 3, Ward Block

The CCU is a 8-bedded facility providing intensive and high dependency coronary care to the sickest patients, including those requiring mechanical ventilation


Cardiac Rehabilitation Ward (CRW) 1

Level 5, Ward Block

The CRW 1 is a 32-bedded facility with 8 beds equipped for acute care. The rooms come in configurations of single, double and quadruple beds.


Cardiac Rehabilitation Ward (CRW) 2

Level 8, Ward Block

CRW 2 is an extension of its sister ward CRW 1, and houses mostly stable patients. The views from up here are unrivalled


Day Care Ward

Level 6, Ward Block

The Day Care Ward is the transit point for patients coming in for elective day procedures, mainly coronary angiography. It is open until 9 pm from Monday to Friday, and is closed on the weekend

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