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Renal Denervation

Innovative Blood Pressure Lowering Option

High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects 1 in 3 adult Malaysians. Poorly controlled hypertension is linked to adverse cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart failure. 

Conventional measures to control blood pressure include lifestyle changes and medications. However, in some individuals these measures may not work.

Renal denervation is an additional option which can be considered.



Q : What is RDN?

A : RDN is a procedure that could help lower your blood pressure. It targets specific nerves near the kidneys that can become overactive and cause high blood pressure. The procedure works by delivering energy to these overactive nerves to decrease their activity. The procedure typically takes about an hour to perform




Q : Is the procedure indicated for all patients with high blood pressure?

A : No. This procedure is not for everyone. It is generally indicated for those who fail to control their blood pressure despite lifestyle changes and medications. You can speak to your cardiologist who can help you decide if you are a suitable candidate




Q : Will I still need to take my blood pressure medications after the procedure?

A : Some changes to your medications may be necessary after the procedure. In any case, please take your medications as directed by your doctor, who will make adjustments based on your blood pressure changes




Q : Is this procedure harmful to my kidneys?

A : There is no evidence from clinical trials pointing to any detrimental effect on kidney function

*All materials adapted from the Medtronic RDN website

Download the Medtronic RDN patient brochure

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