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The Trophy Comes Home

Updated: May 17, 2019

Teamwork prevails again.

At the recently concluded National Heart Association of Malaysia Annual Scientific Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the team from Sarawak Heart Center emerged as champions in a heart-stopping battle of wits in a competition for fellows-in-training (FIT, in short) aptly named Jeopardy.

The winning trio of Dr Tan Chen Ting, Dr Ho Kian Hui and Dr Francis Shu lived up to expectations to lift the trophy for the second time, and will represent Malaysia at the upcoming Asean Federation of Cardiology Congress in Jakarta later this year. Their predecessors Dr Oon Yen Yee, Dr Koh Keng Tat and Dr Khaw Chee Sin (who has since left Sarawak) were victorious in the inaugural competition, and went on to represent Malaysia at the international FIT held in Florida last year.

The entire cardiology team in SHC are proud of their achievement, and may our winning ways continue!

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