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NHAM ASM 2019 : Roll of Honour

Updated: May 17, 2019

We are proud of our strong research track record.

Research calls for something special : an inquisitive mind, a meticulous streak and an enormous amount of dedication, especially since our “core business” is healthcare service provision. Despite the heavy workload the budding scientists and thinkers in our midst continue to churn out research papers after the other.

For that effort they were handsomely (and deservedly!) rewarded. Fittingly, SHC (and Sarawak General Hospital) walked away with most of the top prizes. The winners are :

Young Investigator Award (YIA), Winner

Dr Koh Keng Tat

Free Paper Arrhythmia, Winner

Dr Koh Keng Tat

YIA, 1st Runner Up

Dr Oon Yen Yee

YIA, 2nd Runner Up

Dr Ho Kian Hui

YIA, Consolation Prize

Dr Ho Kian Hui

Heart Failure (HF) Research Award, 1st Runner Up

Dr Ling Hwei Sung (Sarawak General Hospital)

HF Research Award, 2nd Runner Up

Dr Joshua Chung (Sarawak General Hospital)

Free Paper Clinical Cardiology, Winner

Dr Francis Shu

Congratulations to the winners!

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